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Position the flowers

Once the base of your crown is finished, cut your flowers and attach them by wrapping the stems around. If this is not strong enough, attach them more firmly with the wire. To further solidify your headband, you can use the second ribbon by wrapping it all around. You can choose to arrange your flowers on the entire crown, or stop at 3/4.

If you want a crown that lasts in time, you can, of course, opt for artificial flowers. The most beautiful are found in decoration shops, florists or specialized sites.

Which outfit to wear with my crown?

This type of head jewelry is the ideal complement to bohemian outfits. It will be perfect with a hippie-chic maxi-dress, denim shorts and a blouse in lace or flare jeans, wedges and a fluid tunic.

It’s up to you now to let your creativity speak to compose a bucolic and refined crown and wear it all summer long!


The wreath is an excellent alternative to the veil. This piece perfectly accessorizes the hairstyle of the bride or bridesmaids. Instead of buying some, what do you say to make yourself your floral crown? In this DIY tutorial, Lucie Jaksova, head of the agency Perles d’émotions , shows you how to make a wreath. This hairdressing accessory is easy to create. Just cover a wire with floratape. Then, you attach the flowers of your choice using a loom.

Supplies needed To make a pretty wreath, you need: – weaving thread, – floratape, – ribbon, – wire, – flowers, – pruning shears, – scissors.

The structure of the crown The manufacture of a wreath of flowers always begins with the realization of a metal structure. To do this, you need a wire whose length is identical to the round head. Make a loop at each end of this metal piece. Thereafter, surround the wire with floratape.

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Too happy to meet you today with an article very different from what I usually offer you. A few weeks ago I participated in the festival We Love Green with and I was able to make my very first wreath on their pretty stand. I imagined it would be complicated but it is really within the reach of everyone even less manual. I found the experience really fun but also very relaxing. And what’s more fun than being able to create yourself the perfect accessory to decorate your hair or a hairstyle?

Today I offer you a quick tutorial to make a crown at home, at home. I chose to leave on a crown thin enough to wear as a jewel of hair. You will see that there is no need for a lot of material and all the steps are very easy to do.

An assortment of very fresh and seasonal flowers. I chose lavender, baby’s breath, small branched roses, eucalyptus, astrantia, round blue thistles, statices and Achille millefeuille. I advise you to go on species that age well drying because you can keep your crown very long. Do not hesitate to ask your florist for advice! If you are in Lyon I recommend a thousand times to go to my florist of love from me, Miss, located at 42 cours Charlemagne 69002 Lyon.

The first step is to prepare all the plants. The stems are cut so as to leave only 3/5 cm and the leaves are removed. It must be ensured that each plant is as clean and regular as possible.

Once all the plants are prepared it is necessary to attack the structure of the crown on which one will come then arrange the flowers. To do this, there is nothing wizard! Just join the two wires wrapping them with Floratape. This tape is stretchable and allows to perfectly cover the iron wires giving them the appearance of a real plant stem. The Floratape also makes it possible to create a catchy and non-slip surface to facilitate the adhesion of flowers. Be careful to wrap it at an angle so that you do not iron several times at the same place, the result will be much thinner.

Once you have a regular stalk, create a mini loop at each end. Cut a Floratape strip a little longer than the stem. Stretch it on each side so that the material is well adherent.

Place a first plant at the beginning of the stem and then fix it by wrapping the beginning of the Floratape band around. Do this with all the elements alternating colors and varieties of flowers. Note that if you want a large crown and provided, it will first create mini bouquets that you will then assemble to each other. Here I voluntarily chose to associate the plants one by one for a very fine, light and delicate rendering.